Celine Dion owns "about 3,000" pairs of shoes.

The 'My Heart Will Go On' singer is obsessed with footwear and admits she can't resist adding to her collection when she goes out shopping, but she doesn't feel guilty because it's her only real vice.

She said: "If you have, let's say, 600 pairs of shoes, you're considered a freak? I have about 3,000 pairs. Look, some people do drugs, and I buy shoes."

Celine feels very lucky to be able to buy expensive shoes and other luxuries and admits the spending power she now has and the lavish Florida estate she lives at with her husband Rene Angelil and their children - 10-year-old son Rene-Charles and 13-month-old twins Eddy and Nelson - is very different to the house she was raised in.

The 43-year-old star grew up in the French-speaking Canadian town of Charlemagne, Que., as the youngest of 14 siblings, but although her parents weren't financially wealthy she insists the house was full of love.

She told VanityFair.com: "I grew up in a very, very, very small house. "My mum was brilliant enough to put a pillow in a drawer for a baby to sleep in. We were safe and warm and taken care of. Three or four of us in the same bed was normal to us. We weren't poor, but we never had money. I don't know if that makes sense. We were given love and affection and support. What else did we need?"

Celine - who has sold millions of albums worldwide - acknowledges her fans are responsible for giving her such a great life and she is thankful that after 30 years people still want to come and see her perform.

She said: "My fans bought me my house. They bought my records ... I'm very fortunate, and people have bought my albums year after year, and they come to see the shows, and it's expensive, and they still come."