VANCOUVER - The captain aboard the Queen of the North ferry that sank off the coast of British Columbia four years ago is petitioning the court to get his job back.

Colin Henthorne was fired after the ferry sank off B.C.'s northern coast on March 22, 2006, killing two passengers.

He was reinstated by the province's workers' compensation board last year and then fired again after the board's appeal tribunal ruled in favour of BC Ferries earlier this year.

Henthorne filed a petition with the B.C. Supreme Court earlier this month in a bid to overturn the appeal tribunal's decision, alleging he was fired because he complained about safety conditions on the ship.

BC Ferries also launched its own lawsuit against Henthorne earlier this month, demanding he pay back $127,000 in lost wages because the workers' compensation board decision that resulted in that payment has been overturned.

The documents filed in both cases contain allegations that haven't been proven in court, and no statements of defence have been filed in either case.