It's easier than diet and exercise, and safer than liposuction: A novel type of ultrasound treatment is the latest way to get rid of "love handles" and was approved for use in Canada last year.

It's called UltraShape, and it's one of several emerging technologies that removes fat by the use of ultrasound technology.

Working at a different frequency than conventional ultrasound, the technology targets fat cells and sets them vibrating to a point where they explode.

The burst cell materials are then absorbed by the liver, an event doctors believe produces no side effects.

In Victoria, dermatologist Dr. Mark Lupin is studying the effects of Ultrashape treatment.

He said he's treated more than 100 patients and he says most have lost between five and eight centimeters off their waistlines.

He's even tried the technology on himself, losing eight centimeters off his own body.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Arie Benchetrit also offers UltraShape treatment at his clinic in Montreal.

He says the technology offers many appealing features for patients.

"There's no cutting, there's no anesthesia, there's no down time, there's no recovery," Benchetrit told CTV News.

Maureen Wilson, 48, of Vancouver, said she is generally happy with her body, but she is tired of trying to lose some stubborn fat around her abdomen.

"No matter how much I work out, how many sit-ups I do, I just can't quite get rid of those little rolls that are there," she told CTV News.

She didn't want to have liposuction surgery because of the risks. Instead, she chose to have UltraShape treatment.

Wilson said in her first treatment alone, she lost four centimeters off her body.

"My pants were looser, when I bent over I didn't feel that little roll anymore," she said.

"I was absolutely thrilled."

At present, UltraShape is not available in the U.S., but the company is seeking FDA approval. At least two similar technologies, LipoSonix and Cryolipolosis, have yet to be approved in Canada.

With a report from CTV's medical specialist Avis Favaro and senior producer Elizabeth St. Philip