Canadians have barely put on their winter coats. Yet in Toronto, Canadian fashion designers are unveiling their top Spring/Summer looks for 2012 at LG Fashion Week.

More than 40 designers and labels are on the lineup for this five-day fashion festival (Oct. 17 – 21), which takes place under the towering tents pitched in David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto.

The semi-annual event devoted to Canada's top designers has become a major draw on the international fashion calendar.

"Its raison d'être is to promote Canadian talent and make people aware," Fashion Television's Jeanne Beker said today on Canada AM.

"I don't think enough consumers are really adamant enough about buying Canadian and looking for those Canadian labels," said the host of CTV's Fashion Television.

"I always say our cultural and national identity depends on it."

Luxury retailer Holt Renfrew will lead off the week's festivities with an on-site runway show on Monday night, (Oct. 17).

The show will feature an array of designers from across the country, many of whom are exerting a noteworthy impact outside of Canada.

Jeremy Laing is one top homegrown designer included in this show.

Born in Peterborough, Ont. Laing learned his craft while he apprenticed with the late Alexander McQueen.

Since then, Laing's sleek, modern garments have earned considerable buzz in the industry.

"Jeremy shows regularly in New York and sells his wares in Paris and all around the world," said Beker.

Lang's sleek, elegant looks for Spring/Summer 2012 are full of forgiving drapes and folds.

"Women of all sizes could wear these clothes and feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable," said Beker.

Toronto womenswear designer Lida Baday is another Canadian force to watch at LG Fashion Week.

"Lida's almost legendary. She's been in the business for over a decade," said Beker.

The packable shrug is a key element in Baday's latest collection. Its soft, pack-and-go practicality should hold huge appeal for busy consumers.

By contrast, Montreal designer Denis Gagnon makes the structured jacket a spring wardrobe essential.

"Denis is one of the brilliant fashion minds on the planet if you ask me," said Beker.

Gagnon's fitted linen jackets are daring in spirit and full of edgy details.

"We have a certain bravery that's going on right now, especially with our leading designers," said Beker

Look for such bravery and meticulous craftsmanship throughout LG Fashion Week, particularly in the collections from Arthur Mendonca, Joeffer Caoc, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Dennis Merotto, and the Vancouver-based Wings + Horn.