A 75-year-old Ontario woman has a pre-historic bone to pick with two of Bedrock's most famous residents.

Documents show fictional characters Fred Flintstone and his daughter, Pebbles, have taken out very real liens against a Perth, Ont. woman's van.

The woman, named Maureen, learned of the bizarre situation nine months ago, when the liens prevented her from selling her van to a car dealership. The sale cannot go through until the cartoon characters cancel the liens, or the government steps in.

The problem has turned into a complicated legal battle for Maureen, who has enlisted the help of Ontario MPP Randy Hillier. "The answer that we got back from everybody was that Maureen had to go to court, had to engage the services of a lawyer, to fix up what is so obviously, and so clearly a total muck-up," Hillier told CTV Toronto.

"This is just Looney Tunes," Hillier added. (Actually it's Hanna-Barbera, but that's ancient history.)

Documents obtained by CTV Toronto show Fred and Pebbles Flintstone listed as debtors claiming liens against Maureen's vehicle. Their address is listed a 9 Yellow Brick Road, Markham, Ont.

The registering agent is listed as "PPSR Test Data1," which suggests the lien may have been created as part of a Service Ontario system test. The documents also show other vehicle numbers under liens from the Flintstones, which could trigger more stone-age issues for other motorists.

"Maybe Fred and Barney were working at the Ontario government that day," Hiller said.

Tracy MacCharles, Ontario's Minister of Government and Consumer Services, says she's looking into the problem. "I've just learned about it, we're on top of it," she told CTV Toronto. "I want to get to the bottom of it."

With files from CTV Toronto