TORONTO – The world of professional wrestling is famous for its theatrics inside the ring -- and apparently, those stunts sometimes bleed into the real world.

After first denying a set-up, the RCMP acknowledged that one of its officers participated in an on-camera argument with a WWE star after she was stopped for a speeding ticket in Alberta.

Lacey Evans, who competes with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), posted a video of the incident to her Twitter account Saturday, where it has been viewed more than 236,000 times.

“That’s not a citation is it?” Evans asks a RCMP officer in the 36-second clip.

“No it’s a violation ticket for speeding,” the officer replies.

Evans, whose real name is Macey Estrella-Kadlec, asks him, “Do you know who I am?”

The officer replies that he has no idea.

“I’m Lacey Evans and I do not rate this ticket,” she said. “You nasty thing I’ll pay the ticket.”

Cool and composed, the RCMP officer wishes her a good day and signs-off with a cheery, “Welcome to Edmonton.”

Evans ended the exchange with, “You have a terrible day, sir. Canada is terrible.”

On Twitter she insisted “you will be speaking to my lawyer.”

After initially denying that the video was staged, RCMP later clarified that the officer was indeed in on the stunt. However, police say Evans was originally pulled over for a speeding infraction and issued a ticket.

"Following the issuing of the ticket, the female motorist engaged in a courteous and polite conversation with the member where the motorist identified herself as a sports entertainer with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)," RCMP said in a statement.

"She asked the member if he would participate in a rehearsed interaction on camera with her WWE persona. The member obliged."

Evans was in Edmonton for a WWE Live! show at Rogers Place Saturday night, as reported by CTV News Edmonton.