A Newfoundland woman came to the rescue of an expecting mother who suddenly went into labour in a drug store parking lot. She had no medical training, but she’d seen it done on TV.

Christia Tizzard said she was leaving Shoppers Drug Mart on Saturday when she heard a man yelling that his wife was in labour. The panicked trio turned into a relieved foursome thanks to her help.

“I am still in shock and awe of this,” Tizzard told NTV on Sunday. “I can’t believe what happened.”

She said her only experience with childbirth was watching doctors deliver babies on reality television.

“The only thing I could get it off would be watching baby shows on TV,” Tizzard said. “I knew exactly what to do.”

She took charge of the situation and coached the pregnant woman on the tarmac.

“The baby’s head came out. I asked Mom (to) take some deep breaths and whenever you can, you got a big push behind you,” Tizzard said. “Out came the beautiful baby girl.”

She said the father was doing his best to handle the situation, but she could see fear setting in.

“He had his hand down where the baby was coming out, but he was freezing and he was panicking unfortunately,” Tizzard said.

The couple and their newborn daughter were whisked to hospital after fire fighters arrived on the scene.

Tizzard said she is amazed her reality television habit helped someone in need.

“There were just three of us, and when they left it was four,” she said. “It was amazing.”

With a report from NTV’s Leila Beaudoin