A possibly scorned woman was charged after she allegedly hit her male partner with a cooking pan before cutting up his clothing and tossing beer cans at him during a heated argument about infidelities within their relationship, police said.

Police in Kingston, Ont., responded to a home Saturday evening following a “heated argument” between the woman and her partner of 10 years. Authorities said the argument began over suspected “infidelities within the relationship.” During the argument police said the 39-year-old woman swung a cooking pan at the victim, striking the male in the shoulder.

Police said the victim tried to deescalate the situation by leaving the home only to return to the residence just after midnight. Upon returning to the home, police said the man had found a “large assortment” of his clothing scattered on the front lawn.

The pair began to argue once again inside the residence when, according to police, the woman began cutting up some of the victim’s shirts with a pair of scissors. Police said the woman then grabbed a case of beer and began hurling cans of lager at the victim, with one can striking the victim in the head while he was attempting to leave the residence.

It was until later when police arrived at the residence at about 9:45 p.m. and arrested the local woman. The suspect was charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and mischief under $5,000.