As Canadians returned to their regular routines after the holidays, many were greeted with sub-zero temperatures and woeful winter conditions as much of the country grappled with the latest onslaught of extreme cold weather.

Residents in Newfoundland are still dealing with the aftermath of a blizzard that knocked out power and closed schools and businesses across the province.

Authorities have also confirmed the death of at least one resident from carbon monoxide poisoning as residents used generators inside their homes to stay warm during the power outages.

A winter storm also hit parts of Ontario overnight, where heavy snow and freezing rain made the morning commute a nightmare for many.

More frigid weather on the way

While it has been a bitterly cold winter from many across the country, Environment Canada says there is still more to come.

The agency has issued several weather warnings across central and eastern Canada for Monday night, warning of more freezing rain, snow squalls and Arctic temperatures.

An extreme wind chill warning has been issued for parts of the Prairies and Ontario, where temperatures could plummet as low as -40 degrees with the wind chill by Monday night.

Environment Canada says areas in Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba could experience overnight temperatures as low as -36 degrees, with winds of up to 15 kilometres per hour.

Meanwhile, parts of Ontario could see scattered flurries and snow squalls overnight.

The weather agency has warned that in such frigid temperatures, frostbite could develop on exposed skin in less than five minutes.

While parts of central Canada deal with plummeting temperatures, residents in northern Quebec have been placed under a blizzard warning that could bring up to 10 cm of snow and winds as strong as 100 kilometres per hour.

Authorities have warned of treacherous driving conditions, with heavy winds and blowing snow causing near-zero visibility.

Regions of southern Quebec will be grappling with a chilly mix of high winds, freezing rain and blowing snow through Monday night.

Atlantic Canada will also be dealing with unruly weather as rain and freezing rain warnings have been issued across much of Newfoundland, where hundreds of residents are just getting their power back after a series of outages over the weekend.

Environment Canada says parts of New Brunswick could see sporadic flash freezing across the province and close to 20 mm of rain by Tuesday.

The icy temperatures have grounded many flights across the country with airports in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and St. John’s reporting numerous flight delays and cancellations.

Environment Canada has warned residents in affected regions to remain indoors and bundle up when heading outside.