AccuWeather has bad news for Canada this winter.

The U.S.-based weather forecasting service says the upcoming season will be snowier in central Canada and much colder than usual in the West.

“We are expecting anywhere from 10 to 50 per cent higher-than-normal snowfall across a good part of Ontario, especially central-southern Ontario, right up to southern Quebec,” Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, told CTV News Channel on Thursday.

Most of that snow is expected to fall from late December through February, he said.

AccuWeather’s models suggest there could be significant snowstorms from Windsor, Ont., through Toronto and up into Ottawa and Montreal, especially in January and February.

In British Columbia, Whistler has already experienced one wintry storm this week, with about 15 centimetres of snow falling on Wednesday.

“Out West, we think there’s going to be plenty of snow early in the season across the Rockies and that should set us up for a really good ski season, both in the west and in the east,” Anderson said.

“Dangerous” cold spells are expected to be the bigger weather story in Western Canada, especially in the Prairies. Blasts of “Arctic air” will make temperatures plummet multiple times throughout the winter, according to the forecast.

Atlantic Canada, however, is expected to have a milder-than-normal winter with less snow than usual.