A man in Winnipeg has been issued two tickets following a road rage incident that lasted 10 minutes and left a young family terrified.

Last Saturday, Nicole Jansen was turning left in the west end of Winnipeg when she says a truck suddenly cut her off.

“I waited my turn, I went left and then as soon as I turned left, this truck came right in front of me and swerved right in front of me, almost hitting me,” Jasen told CTV Winnipeg.

Jasen says she then honked her horn, which appeared to set the other driver off, who then slowed down to about 30 kilometres per hour and wouldn’t let her pass.

Jasen says both vehicles then turned onto Winnipeg’s main highway that circles the city. She says it appeared the other driver would knock her into the median if she tried to pass.

Panicking, Jasen then turned into a trailer park in an attempt to lose the driver. With her daughter crying in the front seat, Jasen then went back on the highway where the man in the truck managed to catch up with her.

“He pulled up right beside me on the shoulder and he’s flailing his arms,” said Jasen.

Jasen eventually managed to evade the driver by making a left turn without signaling, where she found an alley and hid.

While there, a concerned woman came over to comfort the family. The woman asked not be identified for the purposes of this story, but said she saw the entire ordeal and followed the vehicles out of a concern for the safety of those in Jasen’s car.

“I was forever grateful,” said Jasen. “She saw that my daughter was crying. She went and hugged my daughter.”

The woman snapped a short video of the incident, which shows a dark truck driving partially on the shoulder, while a black car is driving closely behind, but completely in the lane.

The Winnipeg police Service confirmed officers investigated the incident and have issued the driver of the truck two tickets and a caution.

With a report from CTV Winnipeg’s Gabrielle Marchand