Windsor police are appealing for witnesses after several videos surfaced online of an unknown woman exposing herself and performing sex acts on camera at a public library.

WARNING: This story contains details some readers may find offensive.

Sgt. Matthew D’Asti, of Windsor Police, said the force is investigating videos of a woman broadcasting from two unknown public library branches, and what appears to be a Tim Hortons restaurant.

“The woman in the video is in various states of undress; she’s exposing her breasts,” he said. “She’s masturbating in the video as well.”

Dozens of videos posted online under the username Lilsecrett show a woman revealing herself breasts, buttocks and genitals in libraries, often with oblivious patrons – including at least one child – visible behind her.

The videos were originally made as live webcam chats through My Free Cams, a site that allows people to chat with models as they undress and perform various acts.

D’Asti said police want to speak with witnesses because the women may have committed criminal nudity offences. He cautions, however, that criminal charges aren’t certain, even if police determine the woman’s identity.

“Obviously when we hear of this type of thing happening in our public libraries, morally we can all agree that, ‘hey, this isn’t right,’” he said.

“But we are bound by what is stipulated in the Criminal Code of Canada,” he added. “The individual is surreptitiously filming herself and it appears … she’s trying to hide herself from other people in the vicinity.”

D’Asti said the “model” was filming for an online audience, and it “doesn’t appear” that it was her intent for anybody around her to see it.

That said, “if someone came across her by accident, that can be offensive to individuals,” he said.

“We know at least in one of the videos there’s a small child,” he added. “We don’t believe the child saw anything, but that certainly is a concern.”

The woman also faces a possible ban from City of Windsor libraries, he said.

Chris Woodrow, of the Windsor Public Library, confirmed to that there have been cases of a woman exposing herself at the library. Woodrow says staff members noticed some "suspicious behaviour" from a female customer in January. He says staff looked into her Internet activity and asked her to leave when they saw what she was doing.

"She hasn't been back since," Woodrow told by phone.

Library CEO Kitty Pope says there were actually two incidents involving a woman behaving inappropriately. One occurred in December and the other in January.

Pope says patrons complained to library staff about a young woman's behaviour, prompting staff to confront her on at least one occasion. "Staff tried to get her to identify herself. She didn't, so she left," Pope told CTV News Channel on Tuesday.

Police were informed but nothing more came of the incidents until now, she said.

Woodrow says the library has "handed the whole thing over to the police," including information regarding the woman's identity.

Lilsecrett's last video was recorded in January.

Her account is no long active on the webcam site. An Instagram account under that username has also been shut down.

A performer profile page on another website says she is 21.

Lilsecrett's videos date back to October, but another video from late August appears to show the same woman under the screen name "SexayLexi."

In the first video, the woman appears in a dark, mostly empty room and reveals only fleeting glimpses of her body. At one point, she holds up a grey pet cat for the camera.

Her actions become more bold in later videos. She began filming videos in libraries in mid-November and eventually moved to openly pleasuring herself with other patrons nearby.

One video shows her responding to a question from a young girl who passes behind her. The girl is not involved in the scene, and the woman covers up her chest before answering the girl's question.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens called the videos "unacceptable" and said they would not be tolerated at any public facility.

"We don't condone that," he told CTV Windsor.

City councillor Jo-Anne Gignac said library administrators will report on the issue at the library's next board meeting.

"You have to be constantly vigilant," Gignac said. "We do have policies and procedures at the library in terms of trying to do everything possible to make the environment enjoyable and safe."

Pope added that library staff also feel like "victims" in the situation.

Windsor police are asking anyone with information in the case to contact investigators.

A similar case involving a webcam model performing in a library recently played out in Oregon. Kendra Sunderland, 19, revealed her breasts at an Oregon State University campus for part of a webcam show. The video received hundreds of thousands of shares and helped launch Sunderland's modelling career.

Sunderland's Twitter account currently has more than 83,000 followers.

Sunderland was charged in late January with public indecency in the state of Oregon.