Cherry blossoms may have been blooming in Victoria, B.C. last week while the rest of Canada shivered through the polar vortex, but now gloating Vancouver Islanders are getting nipped by Jack Frost too.

On Jan. 29, Daniel Smith posted a video to YouTube entitled “How to remove snow in Victoria.”

“It’s getting hot in all these clothes,” he says at one point, peeling off his winter gear. “Just wanted to show everybody what it’s like to shovel snow in Victoria, B.C. in January.”

With his lawnmower revving, Smith begins cutting green grass.

“What snow? Come on,” he laughs in the video. “Suckers!”

Environment Canada is now forecasting snow squalls and “below seasonal” sub-zero temperatures from “Arctic outflow winds” in the Greater Victoria area from Sunday night through Monday.

“At first everybody’s laughing,” Smith told CTV Vancouver Island of last week’s video. “Now I’m getting hate mail and the blame.”

Temperatures in the Victoria area are expected to range between -5 and 0 degrees Celsius Monday, feeling as cold as -12 with the wind chill. Roughly four centimetres of snow could be on the ground by Monday morning as well. So grab your shovel, Smith -- if you even have one.

Smith says last week’s YouTube video was meant to taunt family in Northern Ontario, particualry his brother-in-law Mike. Now Smith’s eating his words.

“Hey Mike, you know, all this snow is because of you!” he cried. “I curse you for this!”