A flooded-out home in the Ottawa-area caught fire overnight, leaving one woman with just the clothes on her back.

Jen Julian, who lives in the rental property in the community of Constance Bay, said she had already left her home because of the flood waters surrounding her home, but woke up at her parents’ place on Tuesday morning to news that her home had caught fire.

“We just got in the car and drove over and we just kind of held each other while my house is burning,” Julian told CTV Ottawa. “What I have is now gone.”

Ottawa Fire said firefighters were called to the area on Monday evening and that the home was surrounded by flood waters when they arrived. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Without insurance, her friends have set up a GoFundMe to help get her back on her feet. As of Tuesday evening, the fundraising effort has gathered more than $1,600 in 10 hours.

“I have my friends and my family and I’m most thankful for the support,” Julian said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Ottawa urged residents in 150 Constance Bay homes to evacuate, including Julian’s home. The city said the roadway leading into the area will be closed down overnight, while the power will be shut off to the homes.

“We have brought everything we can,” said Eli El-Chantiry, the city councillor for the area. “We feel at this point it’s necessary to make the decision and close the road and if folks decide to stay, obviously we can’t force them to evacuate.”

Flooding in the region is expected to get worse before it gets better as a storm expected to hit Ottawa on Wednesday could raise the water levels along the Ottawa River by more than 30 centimetres.

Map showing flood zones in Eastern Canada