It’s that time of year again: the days are getting shorter, the temperature is getting colder and the men are getting furry.

With November comes Movember, a time when men ditch their razors and go au naturel to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. However, single men out there may find this Movember season a little slow when it comes to the ladies.

According to a survey conducted by the online dating site, 62 per cent of Canadian women prefer clean shaven men.

“Clean shaven men are simply the most kissable,” said Kimberley Mofit, psychotherapist and relationship insider for Canada. “In a relationship we want someone we can kiss without getting our faces scratched.”

Mofit said historically speaking; the trend for women being attracted to smooth-skinned men is something relatively new.

“Going back a couple of centuries, men with facial hair used to be seen as more attractive because they were able to grow facial hair, it was manlier,” she said. “It dates back to our ancestors and what their preferences were.”

Mofit said now it’s a trend for women to be more geared towards the metrosexual look.

But her advice to all the ladies out there, single or in a relationship: deal with it because it’s all being done for a good cause.

For women who are interested in men with facial hair, here are the results of a survey conducted by revealing the dating patterns of men according to their facial hair:

The Moustache: The lover

  • 42 per cent kiss on a first date and are even more likely to kiss before saying goodnight
  • 47 per cent think having sex on the first date is completely appropriate
  • 78 per cent would consider dating someone 10 years younger

The Goatee: The adventurer

  • 75 per cent have experienced a one night stand
  • 22 per cent have dated someone in their workplace in the past five years
  • 33 per cent will dish out more than $80 on a first date

The Beard: The shy guy

  • 16 per cent have asked someone out on a date in the last year
  • 33 per cent of bearded men have gone without sex in the past year

The Five o’clock shadow: The romantic

  • 85 per cent have experienced love at first sight
  • 53 per cent think about sex several times a day
  • 35 per cent do not drink alcohol on the first date

The clean-shaven: The gentlemen

  • 65 per cent think sex on a first date is a no-no
  • 50 per cent believe the man should pay, no matter who initiated the date
  • 29 per cent will spend $30 to $40 on a date