Mike Schreiner has become the first-ever Green Party member of the Ontario legislature.

In the historic victory speech in Guelph, Ont., Schreiner said he would fight for improved mental health care, affordable housing, basic income, and “an energy system that puts people and planet first.”

He also had a message for Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford, who has won a majority government.

“I want to be very clear to Doug Ford. You said in the debate that you believed climate change was real and people were causing it,” Schreiner said Thursday night. “And so you better listen to the green MPP from Guelph about how we solve the climate crisis.”

Speaking with CTV Toronto, Schreiner called climate change “the biggest challenge we face right now.”

“I will be working hard to make sure Doug Ford is accountable on that issue,” he told CTV Toronto’s Ken Shaw. “But I also want to extend a hand and say ‘Come and talk to me and I’ll give you some ideas about how we can solve it in a way that benefits our economy and puts people first in this province.’”

He implored the crowd of supporters in Guelph that he would work to have Ontario “leap into the future, to embrace the clean economy,” noting that Guelph would be a leader of that change.

“It’s a very exciting night in Guelph,” he told CTV Toronto. “We’ve made history.”