For some air passengers it’s the worst part of flying, that frustrating delay as others collect their luggage from the overhead bins and shuffle off the plane.

But WestJet flight attendant Louise Vadeboncoeur has captured an unusually orderly deplaning from a flight that proves the process can be stress-free.

The passengers, all oil rig workers according to CNN, were travelling on a chartered flight from Fort McMurray, Alta. to Calgary International Airport.

The men and women can be seen patiently waiting as passengers exit their seat row by row, collect their luggage and make their way to the forward exits.

“Ever wondered how to deplane like a pro?!,” Vadeboncoeur captioned the time-lapse clip posted to Instagram.

Vadeboncoeur, who has been an air steward for the past 12 years, told CNN she loves "almost every minute" of her work.

“It’s just not the same though, sitting in an aisle seat and having a stranger in the middle hovering over you for 20 minutes,” joked @lottery_boy_.

“It’s a miracle!,” another added.