A group of volunteers rescued a dog stuck for four days on a mountain in B.C. last week.

Louie, a chocolate lab, became injured and got stuck on a mountain near Chilliwack, B.C., last Saturday. He had been with his companion Janessa, who couldn’t get him back down.

Amanda McGregor, Janessa’s step-mother, posted last Wednesday on the Facebook page of a local hiking group, looking to hire a hiker to save him.

Iain Harvey, who had just joined the group, saw the post and offered to help for free.

“I was a little nervous on trying to figure out if we were going to be able to bring the dog down,” he said. “The dog was about 90 pounds."

Harvey and some other volunteers hiked up several kilometers of steep terrain put Louie on a stretcher and carried him down the mountain.

McGregor says that words can’t express her gratitude to those who saved Louie, her daughter’s “best friend.”

It turned out, Louie had badly-skinned paws. “If he’d have stayed another day, he would have died,” she said.

Harvey says he feels “really fortunate that everyone was able to come together and make it happen.”

The volunteers are now crowdfunding to help with Louie’s vet bills.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Penny Daflos