New video of the moments leading up to a violent road rage confrontation on Canada’s busiest highway has been posted on social media by a witness. The two videos posted to Instagram show a group of motorcyclists speeding, performing wheelies and weaving through traffic as they travel westbound on Highway 401 near Dixie Road in Mississauga, west of Toronto, last Thursday night.

One of the videos also captures a black Volkswagen Golf attempting to manoeuvre around the bikers who were taking up multiple lanes and blocking traffic behind them. The car can be seen driving to the right of the motorcyclists and a white object is thrown at them from the driver’s window. The witness recording the interaction is heard exclaiming, “Whoa, he threw something at them.” The white object was apparently a cup from a fast-food restaurant, according to the witness.

The Volkswagen driver’s girlfriend told CTV Toronto on Friday that one of the bikers broke off the side mirror of the car during one of their attempts to get around the group. She said they pulled off the highway after that and the motorcyclists followed them. The woman said she grabbed one of the bikers by the back of the neck demanding his name and he punched her in the face and knocked her out. The bikers then sped off and her boyfriend raced after them. He eventually lost control and hit a retaining wall on Aerowood Drive, according to the woman. The car burst into flames but the driver managed to escape with only minor injuries.

The driver of the car, 22-year-old Andrei Sisu, was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and drug possession, as well as some Highway Traffic Act offences such as driving with a suspended licence and driving contrary to his novice driver conditions. Sisu is expected to make a court appearance at a Brampton courthouse on Monday.

Police are still searching for the group of motorcyclists involved in the altercation and are asking witnesses with information to call the Port Credit OPP detachment.