Vancouver police are investigating after a fight in a strip mall parking lot on Saturday that apparently resulted from a dispute over a parking spot.

In a video uploaded online, a man in a white jacket can be seen inside a small car pinned on top of another male, yelling and throwing punches.

Bystanders yell at the man in white to stop and tell him that the police are coming. Eventually, the men get out of the car and continue to argue in the parking lot.

Supinder Aujla saw the dispute and said it was over a parking spot. He says he wasn’t surprised.

“It’s very hard to find parking here,” said Aujla.

“Usually (it’s) honking but this time (it was) real fighting, like punching each other,” he added.

Dr. Vinod Dhunna, a veterinarian with a practice nearby, didn’t witness the fight but said there are frequent yelling matches over the plaza’s scarce parking spaces.

“It’s really bad parking here,” he said. “A lot of people start fighting here all the time.”

Warning: This video contains graphic language.