A video circulating on social media Tuesday night appears to show two TTC officers punching one man in the face multiple times and another man in the ribs during an altercation.

One constable is seen grabbing hold of a man and unleashing a flurry of punches at his face, before another employee steps in between the two.

"I didn’t do anything. I paid my (transit) fare. I didn't do anything," the man is heard saying in the video posted to Facebook.

Less than a minute later, the officer throws a second round of punches.

Eventually, the man is brought to his hands and knees by several constables and arrested.

The video also starts with another officer wrestling with a second man. As the constable attempts to restrain him, he throws a single punch to the man's ribs.

The TTC would not comment on the video Tuesday evening, but the transit authority's spokesman, Brad Ross, called the incident "extremely serious" and said he plans to issue a statement tomorrow.

Ross said that he believes the altercation happened about a month ago at Union Station.

A user who posted the video to YouTube said that video was taken following an NHL matchup between the Maple Leafs and Coyotes on January 29.

Ross added that two men were arrested, and the TTC is investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

In an interview with CP24, TTC chair Josh Colle called the video "disturbing" to watch.

"I certainly don't know the context to it or the situation, but it is … something that is alarming when you watch," Colle said.

"I believe that both the TTC, and more importantly the Toronto police, have to investigate," he added.

Coun. Pam McConnell said that she is "disgusted" by the video and called the actions by the officers "thuggery."

She says that these types of incidents happen because there is no civilian oversight for TTC special constables, and transit officers are accountable to TTC CEO Andy Byford, rather than the chief of police.

"There is no need for special constables, McConnel said. "There are police that are in the TTC and it is more appropriate with their training that they handle it," she said.

Do you know the men in the video? Contact CTV Toronto at torontodesk@ctv.ca or call 416-384-7100.