A 48-year-old man has been arrested after a woman’s security camera captured a man rifling through her Vancouver apartment while she was out of town.

Queen Throngkumpol told CTV Vancouver that she checked her apartment’s security video remotely from Thailand where she is currently vacationing. She said she watched the footage after her house cleaner told her the envelope of cash she’d left for them in her underwear drawer wasn’t there.

In the more-than-four-minute long video, a bald man can be seen putting on white gloves after he enters Throngkumpol’s bedroom. He then proceeds to open drawers and the closet as if he is looking for something. At one point, the trespasser is seen stuffing an item into the pocket of his jacket before he leaves.

Throngkumpol said the man checked every hiding spot she’s ever used as if he knew where she kept certain belongings.

The young woman said the man in the video is the concierge of her condo building in the city’s Yaletown neighbourhood. She said she has periodically left her keys with him when she’s been away over the past two years.

Vancouver police said they arrested a 48-year-old man on Sunday. The suspect has since been released with conditions pending further investigation. No charges have been laid.

As for Throngkumpol, she said she’s “horrified” and she no longer feels safe in her apartment.