Take off your tinfoil hats, Vancouverites.

A pair of unidentified flying objects spotted in the skies over British Columbia have been identified, and they're absolutely from this planet.

Social media lit up Sunday night, with video and photos of a pair of dodging, weaving ribbons of flame in the sky over English Bay in Vancouver. Some suggested they were UFOs, but a stunt airplane company has admitted to being the source of the unexplained lights.

The UFOs were actually stunt planes owned by Alberta-based Team Rocket Aerobatics. The planes were testing pyrotechnics attached to their wings ahead of the Abbotsford International Airshow next month.

"We didn't do anything wrong at all," Abbotsford International Airshow president Jim Reith told CTV News on Monday. "We obeyed all the rules and let all the right people know, so it was perfect."

Team Rocket's planes have firework-like streamers fitted under their wings that create the trails of flame many skywatchers saw.

But while the lights have been revealed to be man-made, the spectacle was still out of this world.