A man in the crowded Vancouver real-estate market is offering an incredible deal on Craigslist: an "infinite" square-foot lot of "refreshing air, sunshine, beautiful mountains and the ocean" for just $0.

Brice Royer, 31, who has been battling stomach cancer for three years, posted an ad on the classified website this month that has garnered more than one million views.

The listing calls the property "perfect" for "first-time buyers" and "experienced investors" who are "feeling empty" inside and feeling "pressure to maximize return on investment because of family and stakeholders expectations."

Royer is targeting the ad at Vancouverites who are struggling to deal with the financial pressures of living in the second most unaffordable housing market in the world.

"I'm simply correcting the housing bubble," Royer wrote in the ad. "The Earth's asking price for its abundant gifts to us has always been $0.00."

"Unconditional love is in high demand in today's Vancouver housing market. I will give you a 100 per cent commission of $0 on the sale," Royer added.

The 31-year-old told CTV News Channel that when he created the ad, he was just hoping to cheer up people who were down.

"It was honestly just spontaneous, I thought it would just brighten up someone's day," Royer said.

And so far, Royer said that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I was actually just shocked -- I thought it would just make a few people happy," Royer said.

"The response has been very deeply touching," he added.

Some comments from viewers of the ad include:

"Hi, I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for years (and) your ad and the article about your gift circle gave me something I haven't felt for what feels (like) forever – hope."

"Greeting, I am interested in investing all of my wealth – totalling $0 – and would ask you offer any real estate of my surplus $0 to those less fortunate."

Royer says that he wants to change people's perspective about love. He says that in nature, love is unconditional, and that the pressures of society leave people feeling stressed out and depressed.

"The story that (people have) heard from society, and that I heard as well, is that you are not good enough unless you look a certain way, get good grades, get a respectable job , become wealthy or famous," Royer said.

Royer was diagnosed with a stomach tumour in 2012. He opted to turn down traditional medical procedures, including chemotherapy, surgery and medication, and decided to radically overhaul his lifestyle to cut down on his stress.

He says doctors have told him that his tumour has stopped growing.

"Although my energy level is still unpredictable, and I'm still going through a difficult journey right now, I'm just grateful to be able to share what I experienced … with others," Royer said.

And if you're looking to invest but are short on cash, Royer says he's still taking offers for his unconditional love.

"If you have zero dollars there's an infinite amount, so just give me a call," he said.