When it comes to busy, congested roadways, a recent study shows that the city of Vancouver has the most unenviable traffic in Canada.

Vancouver’s roads were also dubbed the second most congested in North America, behind only Los Angeles -- notorious for its web of highways and rush-hour traffic.

The study was conducted by navigation company Tom Tom, which reached its findings using data collected from anonymous users of the company’s in-car GPS system.

Twenty-six major North American cities were involved in the study.

By comparing travel times during so-called “free-flow” periods to travel times during peak traffic hours, Tom Tom determined Vancouverites spend 30 per cent more time in rush hour than when traffic is lighter.

Motorists in the B.C. city face are delayed an average of 34 minutes each hour during peak travel times, the study revealed. Tally up the rush-hour delays based on 30 minute commutes and Vancouverites spend 83 hours every year sitting in traffic.

In Los Angeles, motorists spend 33 per cent more time in traffic during rush hour and are delayed an average of 40 minutes per hour during peak periods.

Back in Canada, Ottawa cracked Tom Tom's list of the top five cities in North America with steadily increasing congestion. Congestion in the capital city has gone up two per cent, compared to this time last year.