It’s official, Metro Vancouver can proudly lay claim to the prestigious title of the “sorriest” bus stop in North America.

The stop, located on the Lougheed Highway in Pitt Meadows, B.C., has come out on top of StreetsBlog’s annual “America’s Sorriest Bus Stop” competition. As the name implies, it normally only involves bus stops in the U.S.

The stop, which was deemed “sorry” enough to overcome its geographical shortcomings, beat the challenger stop in Cincinnati with 52 per cent of the vote, in its narrowest margin of the contest.

There were, however, mitigating factors – namely that the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Agency took action and actually removed a competing bus stop entirely.

Officials with the agency told StreetsBlog that after a safety evaluation, the Daly Road stop was moved about 100 metres south to a “safer location.”

Unlike their Ohio counterparts, the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure couldn’t be nudged into taking action, telling StreetsBlog that Translink is to blame for the bus stop’s location.

But back when the bus stop made the final round of the competition, Translink told CTV Vancouver that the land the stop was on belongs to the B.C. government, and that they have been asking the province to make improvements.

Jason Lee, who submitted the Pitt Meadows stop to the contest, called the location a “major safety hazard.”

The stop, located on top of a concrete jersey barrier separating the highway from the edge of the roadway, required riders to either wait behind the barrier and climb over to reach the bus, or wait in the roadway.

The Ministry of Transportation told CTV Vancouver that they will be meeting with Translink to talk about potential options to “improve safety," but gave no clear timeline for when changes could be expected.