Millions of mentions and retweets by Canadians have put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, #Canada150 and a teenager who really wanted chicken nuggets at the top of Twitter this year. confirmed it is in the millions

That's according to Twitter Canada's 2017 Year in Review, released Tuesday, which names the most re-tweeted tweets, the biggest news stories, and the users and hashtags most mentioned by Canadians on the social media site.

"People are coming to Twitter to talk about what's happening, whether it's in news and politics, or sports and entertainment. It's been such a big year in news. This is really a recap of the year that was and an inside look at what people had to say," Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government partnerships at Twitter Canada, told

The most mentioned Canadian news story of the year was the Canada 150 celebrations, with more than 1.8 million mentions of the "#Canada150" hashtag.

The passing of Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie in October was also among the most tweeted with more than 300,000 tweets sent about him within 48 hours of his death.

But the most retweeted tweet goes to a plea from Nevada teenager. In April, Carter Wilkerson asked for help getting 18 million retweets so Wendy's would give him with a year of free chicken nuggets. He didn't quite get there, receiving just 3.6 million retweets, but he still got "his nuggs," as he called them.

Missing entirely from the list is U.S. President Donald Trump. It's a surprising omission in a year that otherwise seemed dominated by political news from the south of the border.

"I did expect more Trump tweets just because he is such a big part of the news cycle in the U.S. and of course neighbouring Canada and around the world," said Hollett, but she suspects Canadians are using Twitter to listen to Trump rather than retweet him or directly mention him in their own tweets.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama did however make the “most retweeted tweets by Canadian Twitter users” list, with his tweet about U.S. racial divides.

Still, Canadian politics were top of mind. Trudeau, who surpassed 3 million followers, was the country's most mentioned Twitter user this year, his "#WelcomeToCanada" tweet to refugees in January was the most shared Canadian tweet with more than 418,000 retweets.

Toronto Blue Jays were the most mentioned sports team, followed by the Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs, and the Edmonton Oilers.

Users most mentioned the Habs with the hashtag "#GoHabsGo," which surprised Twitter's Hollett, a Montreal native. She says it speaks to the "reach of a very good sports team's Twitter strategy."

Among the biggest milestones for Canadians on Twitter this year were the Toronto Blue Jays surpassing 2 million followers and Justin Bieber achieving 100 million followers.