A B.C. man is taking the provincial government to court for allegedly damaging his credibility in not acknowledging that the sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, may exist.

Tracker and documentarian Todd Standing will make his case that the species is real Tuesday when he appears in a New Westminster courtroom. He says he has evidence “way beyond a reasonable doubt” that the species exists.

“If this was a murder trial, I would just annihilate it,” he told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday. “I’m going to overwhelm them with evidence.”

He says he will present testimony from police officers, fishery officers, engineers, nurses and doctors who say they have witnessed the species. Standing, who charges US$4800 for week-long sasquatch-seeking expeditions, has plans to file similar suits in Alberta and Washington state, where he says sasquatch can also be found.

In 2017, Standing filed a civil lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming the provincial government was in “dereliction of duty” for not recognizing the evidence Standing and others have gathered. He says B.C. Fish and Wildlife are attempting to get the case thrown out.

A decade ago, Standing first took to the forests in efforts to disprove the existence of Bigfoot. “Obviously, I was completely wrong,” he said. He has since worked with First Nations trackers and compiled evidence from others who say they have spotted the species. None of his evidence includes living or dead samples, though he says he has filmed Bigfoot several times, some of which is shown in his 2017 documentary Discovering Bigfoot.

None of it has convinced B.C. Fish and Wildlife, which has refused to recognize his work for a decade. “They’ve been denying it for 10 years,” he says. “Now I’m going to take them to court and prove that sasquatch exists beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

If he is successful in court, he says that provincial wildlife officials will have to join him on a search for a sasquatch, complete an ecological survey and recognize the species’ existence. 

“It’s the discovery of the millennium,” he said. “To understand a primate species has been in North America this whole time and we haven’t been able to discover them. The reason for that is because they are trackers, because they are intelligent, because they’re an incredible species. What inspires me to move forward? The miracle that this species exists blows my mind.”

Watch the full interview from CTV’s Your Morning above.