Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s personal photographer, Adam Scotti, created a stir for an eager Toronto crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of his royal lookalike, Prince Harry.

Scotti and the prince – who’s in town for the third edition of the Invictus Games -- look remarkably alike: each a redhead, each bearded, both about the same age.

So, when Toronto fans of the young royal mistook Scotti for Harry Sunday, the young photographer was happy to play along.

A video posted to Twitter shows a throng of security personnel leaving a downtown Toronto hotel to enter waiting limousines. As Scotti exits the front doors, the gathered fans assumes he’s the young royal and begins calling out, "Harry! Harry!"

Scotti smiles, turns around and offers a big two-armed wave to the excited throng.

Meanwhile, PM Trudeau walks just metres behind, relatively unnoticed. He hears the crowd, realizes their mistake and plays along too, happily pointing Scotti out to the onlookers.

Twitter user @la03la admitted she certainly was confused.

“JustinTrudeau you sneaky prankster. Would the real #princeharry please stand up? AdamScotti had me fooled for a second there,” she wrote in her tweet.

Scotti replied to @la031a that he enjoyed the moment too.

“Made my day, thank you!” he responded.

He later added that he’s "waiting to be hired for the Prince Harry Netflix biopic.”