Toronto police say they're offering a reward in the case of a man believed to have been shot to death by accident.

Police say it's been two years to the day since 26-year-old Kiesingar Gunn was shot in downtown Toronto and later died in hospital.

Det. Leslie Dunkley says Gunn had attended a birthday party with family and friends and left the event at 4 a.m.

He says Gunn was in his car when he saw an altercation taking place amongst a group that included a friend of his.

Dunkley says Gunn got out of his vehicle and approached the group, which was when he was shot.

Homicide investigators say they do not believe Gunn was the intended target of the shooting and are offering a reward of up to $50,000 dollars for information that would help solve the case.

Police are also asking witnesses who may be able to identify the shooter to come forward and speak to investigators.