Toronto police are hoping anyone affected by the actions of two groups of teens who were reported to be shooting fireworks at each other and into moving vehicles on Monday night will come forward.

By the time police arrived on scene in the city’s north end after a call to 911, the alleged perpetrators were gone.

Const. David Hopkinson says no one has reported any injuries or that their property had been damaged, so officers did not pursue an investigation.

But a video that appears to show the incident was posted online Tuesday. Police are now asking anyone who was affected, whether from inside the car or others who encountered the teens, or anyone with additional video to come forward. The incident was reported to have happened in the area of Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue at about 11:15 p.m. on Victoria Day.

The video seems to show a group of people surrounding a white car as it exits a plaza parking lot, with one person pointing fireworks at one of the windows and letting them go off. There are five bright flashes within the car.

The passenger and driver doors to the vehicle open and smoke is seen coming out of the car. The video then shows the people on foot running away.

“This is highly dangerous behaviour that could cause serious, life-threatening injuries, possibly death,” said Hopkinson. “Shooting fireworks into a car, it’s not only assault with a weapon, this could have caused a more serious collision.”

The fireworks don’t have to hit someone for a charge of assault with a weapon to stick, says Hopkinson. Pointing one at someone is enough.

Jimmy Ji had just closed his convenience store when he saw the teens armed with fireworks.

“I just wanted to protect my car. I didn’t want the kids to shoot at my car. So I stood beside my car and I see the kids, they shoot at each other. Very dangerous,” he said.

Police say every holiday involves calls about the misuse of fireworks.

Investigators are appealing to anyone with information to contact police or reach out to Crime Stoppers anonymously.

-With a report from CTV Toronto