A Toronto man returned home to a frustrating sight on Boxing Day, after city snow plows left a heap of densely-packed snow in front of his driveway.

Andy Chawathe came home from a trip to find 86 cm of snow piled up in front of his Scarborough, Ont. home, most of which accumulated during southern Ontario’s Christmas Day snow storm.

Of all the houses on his street, Chawathe said that the heap of snow is only blocking his driveway.

“Because it’s the corner house, it’s convenient for them to just dump the snow here,” the homeowner told CTV Toronto. “I can’t get in, so [my car] has been parked on the street for the past couple of days.”

The pile of snow has been an annual occurrence ever since Chawathe moved into his home four years ago. 

But Chawathe isn’t only concerned about the inconvenience of shoveling the mound of snow – a task he has to repeat after every major snowfall. He’s also worried about the safety hazard it poses. 

“I also see it as a safety issue . . . if there is an emergency in the house, do you think an ambulance or any other emergency service would be able to access the property?” he told CTV Toronto.

Despite calling 311 on Tuesday, Chawathe has yet to hear back. Frustrated with trying to clear the snow on his own, Chawathe said he’ll continue using his neighbour’s driveway to access his home. 

With a report from CTV Toronto