Environment Canada officials confirmed a tornado touched down in the Edmonton area on Thursday night, leaving a path of destruction and dead livestock.

Officials say the tornado may have touched down multiple times, near Breton, Alta., southwest of Edmonton, but are still investigating. The tornado is considered an EF 0, the least powerful on the scale.

Jeff Gresham wasn’t home when the tornado tore through his yard, knocking over trees and pulling shingles off of his roof, but his wife was in the stable and his 13-year-old nephew was in the house.

“It was a pretty traumatic event for both of them,” Gresham told CTV Edmonton.

According to Gresham, neighbours helped him attach tarps to his roof in order to cover the holes caused by the storm. Hundreds of trees on his property were also knocked down, killing one of his horses.

“Pretty much family pets and one of them had a tree fall on him right under the path of the tornado,” said Gresham.

A few kilometres away from Gresham, a family confirmed to Environment Canada that one of their calves was missing after the storm and is believed to be dead.

Dramatic footage of the storm shows a twister forming in the sky, getting bigger and closer to the person filming. Dorrie Routh and Chris Westlin saw the tornado forming and immediately tried to warn their neighbours to take cover.

“It was almost in the driveway here when it first touched down and I thought it was coming through (the) yard,” said Westlin.

According to Jesse Wagar, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, officials are still trying to determine if the extensive damage was caused by the tornado itself or by something associated with the storm.

With a report from CTV Edmonton's Taylor Oseen