A video depicting some extreme bullying outside a Cape Breton high school is sparking outrage and calls for action.

The video, which has been seen more than 145,000 times since Thursday, shows a boy being told by his peers to lie down in a stream while students toss rocks at him and use him as “human bridge.”

The boy in the video, 14-year-old Brett Corbett, has cerebral palsy and says the incident happened earlier this week near Glace Bay High School in Glace Bay, N.S.

"At first it started off as a dare and a joke,” he told CTV Atlantic on Friday. “I thought it'd be funny, but then someone threatened to push me in."

Clips of the incident from various angles show students yelling profanities at the boy.

Corbett says some classmates have since apologized for their role in the incident, but says others believe it was just a joke.

"If it was a joke, I would have had a pair of swimming trunks on and had a laugh about it, but it wasn't a joke,” he said.

For Corbett’s mother Terri McEachern, the videos are hard to watch.

"It just tore my heart to see my child laying there, and another human using him as a bridge,” she said. “It just hurt as a parent."

On Friday, Corbett and a group of classmates revisited the stream, where they presented him with a game he had been saving up for.

In an email, the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education said they are taking the incident seriously.

“The behaviour of the students involved is not one that the Centre for Education is proud of,” the school district wrote. “Both the school and administration are presently investigating the incident. It is the intent of administration to sit down with the family to discuss the incident further.”

The family says if they are not satisfied by the school’s actions, they plan on taking the matter to police.

CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald spoke with the father of one of the students in the video via Facebook Messenger. He said his son showed a “very bad lapse in judgment” and pledged to make things right with Corbett and his family.

An anti-bullying rally is being organized for this weekend in Glace Bay.

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald