Holiday season is synonymous with gorging, binging and enjoying every treat that passes in front of one’s face, but here are some tips to keeping that waistline slim, even with all the temptation.

Registered dietitian and fitness professional Andrea Falcone spoke to CTV News Channel and provided her advice for not packing on the weight during the holiday season..

She says most of us are better off not setting any weight loss or diet goals but instead being mindful of one’s food choices.

“Try and stick to maintenance and doing what [you] can,” said Falcone.

She also stresses the importance of keeping up normal eating habits.

“Don’t skip meals throughout the day. Make sure you eat regularly so that you’re not starving yourself,” she said, explaining that--- waiting until the night’s big meal can lead to overeating.

“Sometimes I even recommend that people have a small snack before they go out,” she added.

Finally, if you don’t have time to make it to the gym between big holiday meals, Flacone recommends doing little things to increase your activity, like parking your car a bit further away so you can get in a quick walk or even shoveling snow.

But Falcone reminds everyone that if you do slip up and overindulge during the holidays, it’s important to not beat yourself up about it.

“You are human. Forgive yourself,” she said.

Plus there’s always time for New Year’s resolutions.