MONTREAL - One of Canada's most famous restaurants is going public over its troubles with Quebec's language watchdog.

Montreal's Joe Beef has been featured on international cooking shows and has a best-selling book.

It's the latest eatery to complain about the province's language cops (Office quebecois de la langue francaise).

Owner David McMillan says the agency took issue with some of his wall art, including a memento from a visit to Prince Edward Island beach that says "exit" and an antique sign above the staff bathroom that says "please leave this gate closed."

McMillan responded with a letter from his lawyer and has decided to keep most of the art up.

An Italian restaurant owner revealed earlier this week that it had been targeted for using Italian words -- including "pasta" -- on its menu.

The agency backed off after the case created a media firestorm, citing an exception for cultural products.

Under the Parti Quebecois government, the language office has received a six per cent budget increase this year, to $24.7 million.