First came the snowstorms, then the extreme cold. Now, parts of eastern Canada are experiencing unusually balmy temperatures.

As the snow melts quickly, the possibility of a flooded basementor leaky roof is a serious concern for homeowners. co-founder Alyssa Furtado says that a couple simple actions can limita homeowners’ risk of water damage.

“One of the most important things is to get the snow and ice away from the house,” she told CTV Toronto.

Furtado said homeowners shouldalso pay attention to any possible cracks in their foundations, as those can provide an easy entryway for water. 

According to the water damage company Restoration Local, a flooded basement can cost upwards of US$10,000 to repair. Furtado notes that the bill might not be covered with insurance; standard policies often exclude overland and sewage flooding.

Aron Standish with Avenue Road Roofingin Toronto says homeowners should also pay attention to their roofsas clogged eaves troughs can be problematic once the snow melts.

“It’s like having a bathtub and your drain’s full of hair,” he said. “If the water can't shed and get off the roof, it’s dammed up and starts to crawl up and under the roofing material.”

Restoration Local also suggests clearing drainage areas surrounding the house of any snow and ice, and testing sump pumps regularly.