Three survivors of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash will receive fully-trained service dogs for free thanks to an Indigenous-run dog training organization.

MSAR Elite Dog Services is training the dogs and donating them once they’re ready to be rehomed. The first -- a one-year-old Labrador retriever -- will go to player Graysen Cameron.

Each dog is valued at about $25,000.

Cameron was one of 13 people injured in the April 6 bus crash on a rural Saskatchewan highway. Sixteen others died.

The dog, named Chase, was chosen specifically to suit Cameron, said dog trainer George Leonard.

“We picked a very calm, anchoring dog because we know that Graysen’s going to have trouble with some anxiety, some panics, some nightmares, some night terrors,” Leonard told CTV Winnipeg.

“So we need a calm dog that’s going to provide redirection, compression and companionship.”

The dog and his new owner will meet in Edmonton later this week. It will take about one year before Chase will be fully trained and able to transition to his new home.