Canadians gathered across the country in cities big and small to march in solidarity with the Women's March in Washington.

While hundreds of Canadians travelled to Washington to give their support to the protest aimed at speaking out against President Donald Trump’s negative comments towards women, even more showed their support north of the border.

Thousands of men and women attended the more than 30 protests that were organized in Canada.


Thousands of people gathered in downtown Toronto for the march that started at noon.



Cleo Corcoran, 87, held up a sign reading: "I did the 50s, we are not going back."

"Women are half the population and yet we are so often pushed to the back of the crowd. Now we've got to come in front," Corcoran told the Canadian Press.

Kavita Dogra, one of the organizers of the march in Toronto, said, “I realize that Trump is not our leader, everybody here realizes that Trump is not our leader but there are things he has said, there are communities he has attacked that exist here.”

“We’ve seen what happened there, we do not want it happening here. Trump-style politics is seeping into Canadian politics and we are here to say that we will not accept that. Divisive politics have no place in Canada.”

A number of guest speakers spoke at Queen’s Park where the group met. The crowd then marched to Nathan Phillips Square.

The group also marked a moment of silence at 1 p.m.

“The idea is to take a minute and envision what gender equality looks like. There is no nation that has it. Perhaps we don’t know what it looks like. Let’s dream it into existence,” Dogra said.





More than 3,500 people also turned up in Ottawa to march in solidarity.





In Montreal, more than 1,000 people gathered at the city’s march. Some were even wearing the pink “pussyhat” that some are wearing as a symbol of solidarity.





Many of the Montreal protesters told the Canadian Press they were there to send a message that Trump-style politics, which they see as misogynist and divisive, is not welcome in Canada.


In Winnipeg a huge crowd gathered in Portage Place Shopping Mall. There were three floors of Women’s March supporters.




Hundreds showed up at Halifax City Hall for the protest. The ferry even waited to make sure as many people as possible were on the boat to the march.




Marches in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary and Vancouver will also be taking place later today.

With files from the Canadian Press