TORONTO – As post-tropical cyclone Dorian leaves Nova Scotia behind, people are starting to venture outside to discover exactly how much damage the storm did to their province.

With maximum recorded winds of 145 km/h, Dorian hit much of the Maritimes at hurricane strength.

It left the downed trees and flooded-out roads that are typical of any severe storm – but often on a much larger scale.

The storm also caused some more significant damage not typically seen in Canada.







A construction crane in downtown Halifax buckled under Dorian's pounding and collapsed, falling into an under-construction apartment building.







Many people took to social media to report lost roofs or other damage to their home.







The storm surge created by Dorian also caused significant damage, particularly near Halifax Harbour and along the eastern New Brunswick coastline.



Some people were left perplexed by the juxtaposition of what Dorian took out and what it left alone.



For some of the more than 500,000 people left without electricity at Dorian's peak, the storm was a reminder about emergency preparedness.





And for others, it wasn't hard to find a bright side in the midst of all the damage and destruction.