Quebec sports equipment store “Monkey Sports” was robbed on Saturday, by a man who used some primate climbing techniques to do it.

The store’s surveillance cameras captured footage of a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt drilling a hole in the ceiling and rappelling down a rope into the shop’s hockey sticks section at around 10 p.m. on Saturday. The man proceeds to take his time selecting hockey sticks to steal and piling them at the back door where an accomplice was on hand to load them into a white getaway van.

It took the thieves approximately one hour to make off with an high-end hockey sticks worth an estimated $150,000.

Greg Goyer, the manager of Monkey Sports, told CTV Montreal that he was shocked by the thieves’ apparently brazen attitudes.

“It’s amazing,” Goyer said. “I’m also sickened. To go undetected that way and not really have a care.”

The thief in the store chose a variety of expensive hockey stick brands including Bauer, CCM, Warrior and True. Each stick was worth around $300.

The sports equipment store, located on Brunswick Blvd. in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, a town west of Montreal, has been burglarized before. In August, Goyer had to beef up Monkey Sports’ security system after thieves broke the front window to gain entry. He said he never expected someone would break in through the ceiling.

“He found the right location on top of the roof,” Goyer said. “When you think about it, on top of the roof to find the key location to drop in the store where you’re not hitting anything – any beams, or any pipes or any electrical lines. To land directly in the stick section took some planning.”

Because the thieves were so accurate with their point of entry in the store, Montreal police spokesperson, Benoit Boisselle, said they would be interviewing staff about the incident.

“It’s going to be hard work for the investigator to understand why it happened and how they knew the place to do the hole,” Boisselle said.

Police are also investigating another attempted robbery on Sunday, to see if the two cases are connected.

Goyer is appealing to the public for help locating the stolen equipment. He hopes that someone will notice a deal that seems too good to be true and alert the authorities.

“If you're hearing about sticks being sold on the side at a great price, maybe ask the question or raise the flag,” Goyer said.

With a report from CTV Montreal