Sure, Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir just scored a record-breaking combined score of 206.07 at the Pyeongchang Olympics to become the most-decorated figure skaters in history, but that’s not what everyone’s talking about.

The real question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is the age-old question: “Are they or aren’t they?”

In love. Are they in love?!

The longtime ice dancing partners performed a steamy free skate to the song “Roxanne” from the film “Moulin Rouge” in their final competition before retirement that left many fans weak in the knees and sharing how they felt about the performance online.

Commentators praised the skaters for their technical prowess and dominance in the sport during the broadcast, the conversation online however, was decidedly different.

Social media users took to their keyboards to declare that Virtue and Moir are in love despite the pair’s repeated assertions to the contrary.

Over their 20-year career together, the skaters have been dogged by questions about their relationship thanks to their undeniable on-ice chemistry.

The skaters maintain the relationship is platonic, although their former coach Paul MacIntosh did tell The Canadian Press earlier this year that the pair briefly dated when Moir was nine and Virtue was just seven.

As adorable as that is, fans of the athletes don’t appear to be satisfied that the romance ended all those years ago.

A number of social media users expressed their disappointment that Moir had not proposed to Virtue following their performance.

The pair was even credited, by a few Twitter users, with changing ice dancing’s popularity.

A few viewers were so enamoured with Virtue and Moir’s performance that they decided it was worth moving countries for.

Even Canadian movie star Ryan Reynolds joined in on the fun when he gave a shoutout to the Canadian figure skaters.