If Canadians are known around the world for being nice, the staff at a local Tim Hortons in southern Ontario certainly lived up to that reputation when they returned $3,000 in forgotten cash to its rightful owner.

Mohammad Kawsara told CTV Windsor that he met up with a few of his friends on Thursday evening at his local Tim Hortons, located on Huron Church Road at Tecumseh Road in Windsor, Ont.

“It was warm so I took off my jacket,” Kawsara explained on Monday. “I laid it down next to me on the chair.”

An hour and a half later, the group got up to leave and Kawsara forgot his jacket on the seat. He didn’t notice it was missing until four days later when his wife asked him for the keys to their car. Kawsara replied that the keys were in his jacket pocket, which he thought was lying on a chair in the dining room.

The jacket wasn’t there.

After a frantic search, Kawsara remembered that he had left it at the Tim Hortons.

The jacket had remained on the chair in the restaurant chain for about six to eight hours before a couple of night crew workers found it, the location’s manager Ryan Green said.

“I looked through it looking for identification and saw the money and realized that I needed to keep it secure or else somebody might try to take off with it,” he said.

Sitting inside the jacket’s pockets were two envelopes containing a total of $3,000 in cash intended for Kawsara’s son’s education at Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich.

Green said he and his co-workers kept the jacket and the envelopes in the restaurant’s office and waited for a phone call. When Kawsara contacted Green about his missing belongings, they arranged a meeting.

“He came back and we made sure we returned what was rightfully his,” Green said. “It’s the right thing to do.”

An appreciative Kawsara said he wanted to spread the word about the employees’ kindness at that particular Tim Hortons location.

“The staff are the best. They are very honest,” he said.

Kawsara said he tried to meet with the night workers responsible for finding his jacket to give them a reward for their good deed, but they declined his offer and said they were happy to do it.

With a report from CTV Windsor’s Bob Bellacicco