Nearly one year after Satan the cat disappeared during the severe flooding in the Calgary area last year, the beloved feline has returned home -- albeit a little dirtier and thinner than before.

Ev Neighbour and her husband Chad were on vacation last year, when they were hit with news of the flood in their hometown. After they learned that the creek behind their High River house could burst, the couple decided to ask their son Lowell to bring the 13-year-old cat to his home.

But Lowell’s neighbourhood ended up being one of the hardest hit communities in Calgary.

“The RCMP had to go door-to-door,” Neighbour told CTV Calgary. “Of course, the door was locked so they had to break in. There was some damage and they weren’t able to close the door as they left, I guess, and out he went.”

For months, Lowell searched for Satan, blaming himself for the cat’s disappearance.

“But I said, he’ll be fine, he’ll show up somewhere,” Ev Neighbour said.

Then, out of the blue on Monday morning, Satan returned home.

And while he seems to be a little dirtier and thinner than before, Neighbour says Satan is settling in, back to his devilish ways.

With files from CTV Calgary