A Nova Scotia teenager says he didn’t actually see what happened on Friday, but his GoPro camera captured the moment when an owl dive-bombed him as he rode his dirt-bike down a trail.

Ben MacNeil, 15, can be heard on the video yelling “that thing friggin’ attacked me.”

“It definitely scared me,” said the boy from Millville, N.S.

“When you’re trailing, you’re not focusing up in the sky,” he added. “You’re just looking on the trail for rocks and stuff, not particularly birds.”

Nova Scotia Museum Curator of Zoology Andrew Hebda said he suspects the culprit was a Great Horned Owl or possibly a Barred Owl.

Considering the time of year, Hebda said, “in all likelihood what we’re looking at is a female who is being defensive.”

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore