A Kelowna teenager has pleaded guilty to trespassing and mischief after he and a middle-aged woman snuck into a stranger’s hot tub in B.C.’s Okanagan Valley last May.

The pair was recorded on the homeowner’s surveillance camera, committing “various illegal and obscene acts,” according to the RCMP. The video showed the couple drinking, smoking what appeared to be drugs and having sex in the hot tub. The recording also shows the pair peering into the windows of the home.

Devon Smith, the owner of the hot tub, told CTV Vancouver that he felt violated by the intrusion.

“Not so much that it was in my hot tub or what was going on, but just that there’s people in my yard and basically using and abusing my possessions,” Smith said Tuesday.

When Smith discovered the surveillance video of the couple’s transgressions, he decided to post it online. Smith said he believed the suspects were caught because the video was seen by so many people.

“It went viral and then the police did something about it because it went viral not because I contacted them,” Smith said.

Noah McDonald, 18, pleaded guilty to the trespassing and mischief charges on Monday. His co-accused, Sarah Ann Clement from Surrey, B.C., is expected to enter a guilty plea when she appears in court on Friday.

Smith said the teenager’s admission of guilt is little comfort because he still has to live with the mental images of what happened in his hot tub.

“Most people thought I should probably just get rid of the hot tub. But I've kept it,” Smith said before adding that he gave it a thorough cleaning after the incident.

For Smith, silver lining may be that a sympathetic hot tub company took pity on his situation and gave him a free locking mechanism for his outdoor whirlpool.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Kent Molgat