Toronto police are investigating a bizarre road rage incident that police say involved an extended confrontation between the driver of a pickup truck and multiple passengers in a gold-coloured sedan.

In the video, a pickup truck can be seen accelerating into a sharp turn and colliding with a gold-coloured car that is turning into the oncoming lane. The truck collides with the back door on the driver’s side, where a passenger’s face was visible moments before the collision. Both vehicles spin out onto the dusty shoulder, and a woman appears to fall out of the passenger side of the pickup truck. The gold car then flees the scene, while the pickup driver can be seen getting out of his vehicle and watching the car leave.

Police say one individual was treated for minor injuries in connection with the incident. The pickup driver was not arrested, and police have not yet located the occupants of the car. The vehicle itself was found abandoned a short distance away.

Const. Adam Preuthun says investigators believe the crash caught on video followed another collision a short time earlier, that prompted a brief fight during which a rock was thrown. The car then left the scene before returning moments later, when the T-bone collision occurred.

“It was a road rage incident,” Preuthun said.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the first collision, which occurred Monday at approximately 9:15 p.m., near the Cherry Street Bridge in Toronto’s Port Lands neighbourhood.

“All I know is I was driving straight around,” Brendan Salter, who drove the pickup truck, told CP24. “Someone came and smashed in my window with a rock. I tried to get out, I guess (the) dude turned in and smashed into the front of my truck and disappeared. That’s it.”

The witness who recorded the video said three occupants from the gold car tried to enter the pickup truck after the first collision. “Three people jump out of the vehicle, right away start screaming at the truck,” he told CTV Toronto. “They surrounded the vehicle and one of the individuals ran into the passenger door of the truck, hitting it with his knee and trying to hit the window with his arm.” He said that individual also threw a rock at the window.

The witness said they soon gave up on getting at the driver, and got back into the car and made a U-turn. That’s when the second collision occurred, as shown on video.

No charges have been laid in connection with the incident.