Residents in the town of Swan River, Man., are still being told to conserve their water as the supply could soon run dry, while city officials scramble to fix the town’s water pumping system.

Officials with the community say they have found the source of the problem that has led to critically low levels of water in the town, noting mechanical issues with the town’s three artesian wells.

The town declared a state of emergency on Sunday, saying it was on the verge of completely running out of water. It said a problem in its pumping system was preventing water from the town’s wells from reaching the water treatment plant.

On Monday, town officials said they had identified “multiple issues in multiple wells” and are now working to fix the problems.

“The current water level in the reservoir is critically low,” the town said in an advisory on its website.

For now, safe water is still being produced but officials are asking residents to continue to restrict their water use until at least Thursday to assist in refilling the reservoir.

CTV Winnipeg’s Beth Macdonell says she has spoken to the main grocery stores in the town and they report that they have sold out of all their bottled water.

All schools and daycares in the town, which is approximately 500 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, stayed closed on Monday.

The town is also offering bottled water and bulk potable water to residents at no cost. Arrangements are also being made to deliver water to vulnerable people who cannot get to the water distribution centre. centre.