Summer may only be a few days old, but in parts of Newfoundland it looks like the season might have already come to an abrupt end.

Sections of the southwest and central parts of the province were dusted with a layer of summer snow, prompting provincial officials to warn drivers to beware treacherous driving conditions.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, it’s June 26 and it’s snowing,” one woman told NTV as flurries spun around her.

The province’s transportation department tweeted photos of snow-covered scenes taken by highway traffic cameras in Burgeo and Corner Brook, N.L.

“Please drive cautiously and leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you,” one of the tweets states.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary jokingly offered “protective services” to NTV Chief Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr, who presumably angered Newfoundlanders with his forecast.

“We know YOU aren’t making it snow during our ‘summer’ but not everybody will see it that way friend,” the constabulary wrote in the tweet.

But not everyone was upset by the weather. One man told NTV that snowfall in June is par for the course.

“Well this is perfect Newfoundland weather, this is,” said the man as he dusted snow off his car’s windshield. “I don’t mind it.”

Another snow lover said, “I think it’s great. It’s alright for polar bears.”

Other social media posts showed vehicles and backyard furniture covered in a blanket of snow.

Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning for much of southern Newfoundland, where as much as 70 millimetres of precipitation was in the forecast.

In central Newfoundland, Environment Canada issued a frost advisory that suggested gardeners take measures to protect their plants.

There appears to be some relief on the way, however. Temperatures in the province are expected to reach 10-20 degrees Celsius by Wednesday.