A Calgary couple will have one less gift under their tree this year after a package was stolen from their doorstep just moments after it was delivered.

Hayley Ezra and Jamie Frost’s security camera caught the alleged thief in the act on Wednesday afternoon. The video shows the delivery person placing a large package on their doorstep. Moments later, another man arrives, grabs the package and appears to bring it to the backyard.

Ezra and Frost later found the packaging in their backyard, but its contents were gone.

"It's just still such a violating feeling to have somebody walk straight up and just help themselves to your things like they just have a right to,” Ezra told CTV Calgary.

The couple now plans to install additional security cameras around their property and buy a lockbox for deliveries.

Calgary police say package thefts are still quite rare for the city, but are more common during the holiday season.